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Computer Repair

We Repair Any Make or Model.

We specialize in repairing any make or model of computer, Laptop or Desktop, Apple, Windows, Chrome OS & Linux 

Full Operating System Installs


Over the years we have streamlined our operating system installations. After properly installing your operating system we make sure your computer has all of the latest and most stable drivers. We then install all the necessary programs to have your computer fully operable when you receive it back. This includes award winning security software and a self-maintenance plan.



Virus & Spyware Removal


We go beyond just removing your computers infections. We have a 30 point inspection and clean-up procedure. After we are thoroughly done cleaning your computer we set you up with the right programs to keep it clean.


Hardware Installation & Repairs


We service anything from broken laptop screens to installing that latest and greatest graphics card. No job is too big or too small for us.


Laptop Repairs; Screen Replacement, DC Jack Fix (Power jack), Keyboard Replacement, Cooling Fan Cleaning or Replacement, Hard Drive Replacement, Memory Upgrade & much more.


Desktop Repairs; Noisy System Fans, Power Supply Replacement, Optical Disc Drive Replacement, Hard Drive Replacement, Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades, System Cleaning and much more.


What We Service

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