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Smart Phone Repair


   We no longer service hardware issues on smart phones.  Manufacturers have decided to re-design their

   products so that most repairs are not affordable nor practical.  Even wireless dealers either swap out

   damaged phones with factory refurbished models or push consumers to  newer models. The money is

   in selling phones and plans instead of repairs. In fact the major players even use software updates to


   render perfectly fine phones obsolete. We wish this wasn't the trend but we have had to face the reality.    


With that being said you should know that we still repair software problems which are quite prevalent on phones. 

 If there are so many programs running your battery can't make it through the day it might be time for a tuneup. 

Smart Phone Tune-Up  $ 55.00

 Backup pictures, contacts and        messages. Factory reset phone, install manufacture updates, organize icons, install utilities,

requested and recommended apps.  Set up a backup program

  and confirm it is working correctly.

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